Fire in the Hamptons Release “Chosen Ones” Remix

1209144_573917066004800_1159309689_nWhen a song draws you in, there’s something magical about it where you just become one with the beat. You close your eyes and it’s just you and the music, you’re quickly lost in the moment. The latest remix “Chosen Ones” by Los Angeles based band Fire in The Hamptons delivers just that.

Remixed under their FITH moniker (yes, an uncommon trait but Fire in the Hamptons is a great band that can do amazing things) this track is a treat for both the ears and the dance lovers of the world. Off their Chosen Ones EP, the remix delivers a sound that hits you with a heavy bass line and gritty synths, a sound that will find a perfect home on the discotheque floors worldwide. As the lyrics deliver this song is one that will show you how to live in the moment. A twist on their original track that still delivers the message that you are bigger than you perceive yourself. So get fired up and check out the “Chosen Ones” remix by Fire in The Hamptons.

Stay tuned for the next issue of Fourculture magazine where we have an in depth conversation with Fire in the Hamptons lead singer Zack Arnett! You don’t want to miss it!

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