Finding Common Ground with Dauzat St. Marie

It is rare these days to find those voices, those powerhouses of passion that are creating music that not only entertains but finds its way inside your soul.  The husband-wife duo of Mat Dauzat and Heather St. Marie manages to do just that.

Dauzat St. Marie made their debut in 2014 with the album Falling Again. Not long afterwards, Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer and the duo understandably put music on hold to focus on treatment and recovery. Never ones to give up on what they want from life, the tightly blended harmonies and incredibly rich songwriting of Dauzat St. Marie made a return this year in May with the single “Where Were You?”. Touching upon the quiet seasons and major events that make up a life, “Where Were You?” is a stunning look at our shared history through the lens of a pair of people who have seen and learned from both the obstacles and the joys.  It is the things we all share that bring us to…

“Common Ground”, the newest release from Dauzat St. Marie. “It’s hard watching the whole world drown,” is the first line of this new offering and you already know that this song is both timely and timeless.  That doesn’t mean the song is depressing and agonized.  Instead, it searches for the meaning and the connection in it all, something I think we all have been looking for the last few months. And can we talk for just a moment about how hauntingly beautiful this song is?  Harmonies perfectly blended and mixed with just the right instrumentation bring us a song that is as powerful as it is quiet, as far-reaching as it is to the point. It’s no surprise that they were chosen to be featured as one of NOW’s new music preview tracks on its latest volume! Music, especially music as powerful and meaningful as “Where Were You?” and “Common Ground” needs to be explored, enjoyed and shared with the world, especially now. In this time of division and divisiveness, it is more important than ever that we remain searching for those things that unite us all as one, that common ground.

Please enjoy the new single and video from Dauzat St. Marie and watch this space for more from these amazingly talented artists. And remember…“We’re lost…doesn’t mean we can’t be found. Together we’re like an orchestra. Alone we’re just a sound.” – from “Common Ground” by Dauzat St. Marie

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