Feel Good with Walking Shapes

You might remember Brooklyn quintet Walking Shapes from our video feature last year on the release of “Horse”.  Running at just over six-minutes, this song took in all the elements you would expect in a modern indie epic (delicate guitars, funked-up new wave bass, and a cooing falsetto) and it should be no surprise that they are sharing a bill with The Temper Trap at the end of July.

In keeping with the diversity on their album Taka Come On, their latest release is quite different from this and their earlier single “Woah Tiger”. With its M83-meets-The Flaming Lips vibe, “Feel Good” is like a pop single of seemingly effortless simplicity.  Built upon a synth loop with that soothing falsetto vocal just bubbling over the top, the song evolves into an optimistic groove which sits in the right spot between cute and serious.

“Feel Good” hints at and sounds like a million new mornings, the dawn among the shadows reaching out a helping hand to push away the surrounding gloom and a reminder to concentrate on enjoying the potential of simple things.  While it isn’t always easy to change moods (or ‘make up your mind to feel good’ as the lyrics suggest), this song will help to provide that crack of light through the curtain waking the subconscious up to possibility and positivity.

Check out our interview with the band from Issue 12.

Walking Shapes on the web:
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