Fear Your Memories: The LAKEWOOD Movie

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From the minds of Rocktopuss Films, LAKEWOOD is an independent film about a young couple who emigrate from England to Canada in order to pursue a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle away from the pressures of everyday life…or so they thought. Written, produced and directed by UK filmmaker Danny Allen, this psychological thriller is set to start filming this summer and is slated for a winter release. 

Think The Shining meets Memento. 

As with most independent endeavors, your help is needed to help bring LAKEWOOD to life.  To cover the costs of  transportation, set design, makeup, special effects, art direction and more, Danny Allen has launched a Kickstarter.  Check out the page, meet some of the cast and give what you can to make this independent film a success!  

On Twitter? Coinciding with this crowd funding launch will be a three day Tweetathon which is set to reveal further details, photos and videos about this awesome project.  Keep an eye on #FearYourMemories!

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LAKEWOOD on the web:  www.Lakewoodmovie.com  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube

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