FC Premiere: [debut] Releases “Want” Remix Video

image001Obsession is one of the most intriguing and unsettling feelings one could ever endure. [debut] confronts this topic in his latest video, a remix of “Want” off the critically acclaimed album Postcards from Berlin.

Taken from tour projections and edited for the remix, the video takes on an art film-like feel as the scantily clad woman (yes, it’s NSFW) scrawls her desires on the headshots of [debut] front man Gareth Thomas. The video takes on a haunting feel as the obsession with Gareth seems to consume her every move.

Those who are familiar with [debut] will know that this electro meets dubstep sound are not typical to their repertoire. All but the original string and vocal parts were removed to present a whole new production. Gareth said of the remix: “I wanted to do something radically different with this track to show a completely different side of [debut]…”

Showing versatility, this music and art collective has set themselves up to paint a bigger picture in the future. They don’t just put out videos, they don’t just put out songs, [debut] presents a story for us to all enjoy. The album Postcards from Berlin was just the beginning. I can’t wait for the sequel.

If you like the remix, you can download it free in exchange for your email address here!

[debut] on the web:
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