Famous Last Words Release “Two-Faced Charade”

An action meets horror film unfolds right in front you. Yet, nothing is changing around you. Everything is still the same. You see it all happening in your mind but nothing is there in real life. You put on the debut concept album by Famous Last Words, Two-Faced Charade didn’t you?

The art of a perfected concept album is a difficult one to complete. If you don’t have a working story to begin with, you don’t have a decent concept album. That’s not something to worry about with Two-Faced Charade. Along with the release, they have sent out a 20 page short story which is something I have not seen in a very long time with an album.  I do give a fair warning to those who read the story; it is not for the faint of heart as it is quite graphic. Overall, it is a perfect match for what you’ll be experiencing once you turn on Two-Faced Charade.

famous-last-wordsWhen you open the album you are instantly hit with a very Tim Burton-like chime on the track “Welcome to the Show” met soon after with the story. A boy infatuated with a girl, but not just infatuated…to the point of insanity infatuated. She consumes him. Through the lyrics sung and screamed you hear the words “I’m not crazy” and a clear foreshadowing of what’s to come. The best thing about the song is that with the added “scream-o” style you get a sense of horror and begin to understand that what you’re going to see in your minds eye is not going to be the least bit pretty.

There are two closing tracks that really wrap it all up quite well in “The Show Must Go on Parts 1 & 2.” The songs are like a climax and end to the film even though it’s only a closing to an album. Part 1 would be what I would call the song of the villain. It really shows the inner battle of the young man in the story with the heavy guitar rhythm and kicks of the bass drum giving an added push to the story like the battle scene of a superhero movie. When Part 2 kicks in, you hear an orchestra as the action starts to die down. The victim gets away and the distressed villain starts to realize what he’s done. It is truly a very dark end to a very dark story. In hearing it, you will see it unravel.

Without having to pay so much money for a ticket to a movie at your local theater (we’ve seen those prices), supporting musicians like this just brings the cinema to your home, your car, or even your iPod. Today, I’ll admit that I’ve been one to shy away from hardcore music as it does remind me of my older sister and my constant struggle to distance myself in my own unique manner. These guys have completely opened me to a whole new scene.  Famous Last Words have a talent that must be seen and heard. One could only imagine how they will incorporate the story of Two-Faced Charade into their live shows.  I look forward to any new stories Famous Last Words will put out. Now, is this their Famous Last Words or will it be continued?

Two-Faced Charade is now available on iTunes!

If you’d like to read the story of Two Faced Charade you can download it here.

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— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB



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