False Heads release Thick Skin

FH promoEast London trio False Heads are getting a fair bit of notice right now (even from Iggy Pop) and their second release “Thick Skin” shows you why.

Taking in the best components of UK punk and glam from both the 70s and the 90s, this is a snarling riot of a song for the here and now. ┬áImagine the Buzzcocks with a little more buzz and Supergrass with more sneer and you get the picture. ┬áIn fairness the song would benefit from coming to a full stop at around the 2 minute 20 mark to have more of an impact but we’ll let them off for now.

Listen for yourself.

“Thick Skin” is released on 1 July.


False Heads on the web:
Website | Facebook


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