Endless War – new single from The Autumn Stones

A rush of punkish guitars open “Endless War”, the third single this year from Toronto quartet The Autumn Stones, but the horns that characterise their sound soon follows suit.  It is precisely this element which sets The Autumn Stones above their contemporaries, a vital cog rather than a novelty.  Musically, this mix of sounds gives “Endless War” a classic new wave feel which will appeal to all the modern day germ-free adolescents and young soul rebels.

It sits between the brooding sultriness of first single “End of Faith” and the smart, toe-tapping soul of follow-up “In with the Out Crowd”.  Within the groove however there is a seriousness in the lyrics.  The themes of religious extremism continue from previous releases (inspired here by an essay by Christopher Hitchens) and are delivered with tongue twisting staccato by singer Ciaran Megahey.

When you think you get the gist of the song they then throw in a dub laden mid-section which then builds into a finale full of renewed urgency.  2014 has seen three different types of song from The Autumn Stones but each with an attention grabbing quality to get your hopes up for the album Escapists which is set for release in early 2015.

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