Emotionally Driven Pop: Flagship releases “Faded”

11295597_10152886221502966_3067718781606605942_nThroughout recent years, music has been losing its power to make us feel something more than ourselves. When a song begins to unlock feelings you haven’t touched before, it becomes something more; it becomes an experience. Only on the scene for roughly three years,  North Carolina’s indie pop-rock band Flagship, comprised of Drake Margolnick and Michael Finster, have taken that step to make us feel the music in our soul with their latest EP entitled Faded.

Of the new EP Margolnick said: “It is the most mature writing we have done. We didn’t feel like we were writing songs, just writing lines. It’s just real life; that’s all it is.” And does it show! Faded is an EP full of polished, emotionally driven tracks that make you feel like the band has been around forever.

If you need an introduction to what you’re going to get when you listen Flagship, look no further than their current single “I Want You.”  This high energy track screams “song of the summer.”  Imagine taking a ride down the most remote highway with “I Want You” blasting out of your car stereo with nothing but moonlight guiding your way. Nothing says summertime like an adventure, and this song brings the adventure of a chase to life.

When Drake spoke of their writing becoming more mature, he must have been speaking of the track entitled “Nothin’”. The song is unique in that it confronts emotions that many of us face in secret; escaping our own negative self-perception and finding that will to change by getting away from what is causing the pain. In its soft guitar driven melody there’s a line in the chorus that sticks out and punches you right in the gut — “tired of beating up myself.” I admit, I even cried a little.  This is one of those songs that comes off as very cathartic as you can put it on and it’s as if the band is listening to you in your time of need. It’s as if the band is saying “you may feel alone, but I understand.”

Faded is an EP that will send you on a wild ride through every emotional experience possible. They will make you smile, they will make you cry, they will make you feel. With Faded’s blend of pop driven lyrics and guitar led melodies you’re brought into a new phase of what real music is meant to be. If this is the path that Flagship plans to take in their future albums, there is no chance that these guys will be fading away anytime soon.

Faded is on iTunes now!

Flagship on The Web:

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