Electronic, Ambient, and Chillingly Beautiful…Meet :PAPERCUTZ

Masterminded by creative genius, Bruno Miguel, Portugal’s :PAPERCUTZ released 2 new remix EPs on April 25.  For those who like their music electronic, ambient, and chillingly beautiful, this is the band for you. The music of :PAPERCUTZ is intelligent, surprising, and sonic.  It is a walk across snowy wastelands without the cold, the heat of the desert without thirst, the thrill of reaching the mountain top without gasping for air. :PAPERCUTZ gives melody and rhythm to an electronic soundscape that far surpasses others within the genre.

Having released their LP, The Blur Between Us,” in mid-2012 (go get this album), :PAPERCUTZ have now redeveloped 2 of the songs from that album, “Rivers” and “Where Beasts Die.” Each EP includes 6 remixes of each song.  While in some cases, this could get repetitive, :PAPERCUTZ manages to make each remix truly different and interesting, a feat rarely accomplished by most who attempt it. With videos as poetic as the music, you simply must check out these 2 incredible remix EP’s from :PAPERCUTZ!

Rivers (At Dusk remixed EP):  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rivers-at-dusk-remixed-ep/id641938013

Where Beasts Die (At Dawn Remixed EP):  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/where-beasts-die-at-dawn-remixed/id640060360

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— Paula Frank | @jelenfan

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