Ed Tullet: A Remix of Lost Sycophantic Pride

Ed Tullett‘s latest single, ”Oxblood,” is a soft, melancholic and haunting song. The lyrics are his signature- cryptic and left open for interpretation. Released in April, his beautiful tones were recently covered by many gifted artists in their own right: Shinamo Moki, TWYNS, French, Stop the Car, and Modern Lightning. Each song is true to the original in that they are cryptic and open for interpretation.

All of the remixes can be found at: http://edtullett.bandcamp.com/album/oxblood

Shinamo Moki: Deep bass and bellowing hymns mix seemlessly with Legend of Zelda chiptunes. Exploding voices give way to Ed Tullet’s original lyrics. Shinamo Moki takes us up and down, from complicated overlapping of tones to simple beat and lyric.

TWYNS: Ed Tullett’s side project gives us auto tuned lyrics and simple synthesized noise; War Games synthpop. This version is true to the overall feel of the original song.

French Remix: Relaxing and lulling waters pulse into a deep cut of sampled lyrics. His signature falsetto breaks a somewhat jarring vocal. Similar to a deep R&B riff slowed to zero.

Stop the Car: This version starts with repeating verse that pops into a techno mix of vinyl familiar spins. It brought me to a place where 80’s club scene and synth were of the same soul.

Modern Lightning: Such a deafening digital overlapping of samples and distorted voices. The lyrics are almost screaming, yet beautiful. To take such a soft, lilting voice as Ed Tullett’s and transform it into a loud, painful noise is breathtaking.

— Jeremy Wood | @grungyparadigm 

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