East of Ely Comes Out with ”Came Without”

Sydney-based indie pop group East of Ely has released a new single entitled ”Came Without” and is set to be a hit along with their other single ”Easy Friend”, which was released in the summer of last year.  Each song has gotten some serious reviews from many music sites, including Indie Shuffle and Crack In the Road as well as Australia’s own radio Triple J.  This serious traction on the road to success is a more than positive forecast for the band’s upcoming debut EP slated to be released sometime this year and we music-lovers are prepared for the storm.

Though this winter is geared up to be potentially brutal and cold, East of Ely’s single is hotter than any arctic air sneaking into the American northeast from Canada.  ”Came Without” demonstrates how the five-piece band is able to compose a great synth-pop song that can still communicate a common message for people who live and love in real time outside of mainstream radio.  Rather than focus on the drabness of the seemingly inescapable monotony of life, the upbeat tempo, with likewise catchy lyrics and a bouncy guitar riff in between the first chorus and the second verse, produces a “get-up-and-go” vibe that is so needed in this world of downturns and let-downs.  What is perhaps the best thing about this track is the fact that it isn’t so overbearing with the synthesizers like a lot of synth-pop music can be; the use of the non-computerized piano and the guitar placed alongside the synth most definitely give it the authenticity of art that the song tries to communicate primarily.  Basically, this use of instruments is meant to maintain the original perspective of the song without getting lost in the electro-pulse of the synthesizer is the perfect motif for the song’s message of making a change for the present while living for the future without losing oneself in the initial idea of the future itself.  2014 is sure to be another great year for music and with two buzzing singles on the internet airwaves, East of Ely is sure to have a spectacular debut album under their belts.

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East of Ely on the web:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eastofely
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eastofelymusic

— Simone Brown

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