Dressing for a Cause: The Gowns of Faith McGary

Model: Amber Wells, Photographer: DreamOrchid, Great Dane: Farrah
Model: Amber Wells, Photographer: DreamOrchid, Great Dane: Farrah
Model: Kayley Arn, Photographer: DreamOrchid
Model: Kayley Arn, Photographer: DreamOrchid

Family, faith, friends, and community are the stepping stones that have helped Faith McGary to find her path in life.  After completing the patent process several times for mobile technology as a scientist for a telecommunications company, Faith and her husband Rich moved to Katy, TX to be closer to their family.  Having been involved in animal rescue for several years, Faith knew the need that existed.

With her love of fashion and her passion for rescuing animals, an idea was born.  Rescue is not cheap and when her calling came, Faith answered.  She began Pay It Forward Rescue Shopping, a place where one can purchase stunning Victorian and old Hollywood style gowns for a cause.

“It gives people something to think about with each purchase and hopefully every time they wear the gown,” says Faith.  We couldn’t agree more.  Faith’s gowns are not only gorgeous in their own right, but their purpose holds its own beauty as well.  Each purchase of one of Faith McGary’s gowns helps to support rescue animals in need.  Proceeds benefit the LoneStar English Bulldog Club Rescue, DFW Pug Rescue, and Blue Ribbon Equine Rescue.  Not only does she support rescue efforts in this way, but Rich and Faith still often take in foster animals themselves, many times the un-adoptable, and give them a loving home.

On May 23rd of this year, Faith also held a runway show to bring attention to Great Dane rescue.  Thanks to Nicole Berg of DreamOrchid photography and her models, Faith’s gowns come to life in the beautiful images you see here.

In a world where the negative is beating us over the head every day, Fourculture is proud to present the positive; the idea makers, the world changers, the dreamers, and the believers.  We applaud Faith McGary for her efforts in helping the helpless and for being brave enough to follow that path when it opened in front of her.  Please visit http://www.payitforwardrescueshopping.com/#!home/mainPage to see more of Faith’s incredible work and to support her rescue efforts.

— Paula Frank | @jelenfan

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