Dot Hacker: “Memory”

Are you sitting there waiting for Record Store Day to come around again? Well, don’t be sad. The LA band Dot Hacker (featuring Josh Klinghoffer, Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner, and Jonathan Hischke) has released a B-side track “Memory” from their special 7″ which saw a Record Store Day release via ORG Music.  “Memory” will also be available on the band’s second full length album How’s Your Process? which comes out later this year.

With their mellow experimental sound in “Memory”, you have this genre bending sound that crosses into areas you didn’t think could be molded together.  It’s classic rock vocals meets electronic meets atmospheric sound…if Enya had a heavier, more emotional edge all the way around you would not get half of what Dot Hacker brings to the table with such an airy, mystifying track.

It’s almost as if it belongs in a fantasy or horror flick. It’s perfect for many cinematic experiences. What you think about Dot Hacker’s “Memory”?

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