Dlüx and SIRPAUL Want to Make You Sweat

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The artist formerly known as Armand Deluxe is at it again.  Under his new dlüx moniker, the disco maestro and his partner in crime SIRPAUL have put out another pop hit. With another dirty banger like “Sweat” you can see from the title alone you’re going to be entering another graphic NSFW zone.  The song brings a multisensory overload with lyrical descriptions covering that “one night in heaven.” If you’re still oblivious to the lyrics, it’s sex — sweaty, dirty, love making!

Differentiating itself from the last couple of singles the two have released, “Sweat” has a more mature sound to it.  The beats are a bit deeper and the tempo is just a tad slower.  This song has the disco magic that only dlüx (I need to get use to that) and SIRPAUL can provide.  Slowly making its way to the airwaves, this one might just as well be the break out hit for these guys in 2014. With its modern dance floor vibe and in your face naughtiness that you’ll come to love out of dlüx and SIRPAUL, you’re bound to either hook up with someone on the dance floor or just sweat it all out to their musical prowess.

Still, we sit here wondering, when will these two pump out an album together… They got all the hits!

So what are you waiting for?  dlüx and SIRPAUL want to make you SWEAT!

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Dlüx on the web: www.armanddeluxe.com  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Soundcloud

SIRPAUL on the web:  www.sirpaul.com  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube

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