Dirty Ghosts Tease New Album with EP Cataract

Dirty GhostsHailing from San Francisco and consisting of Allyson Baker – Guitar/Vocals, Erin McDermott – Bass and Tony Sevener – Drums, Dirty Ghosts produce exciting hook-laden psych-rock. EP Cataract showcases this perfectly and acts as a teaser for their upcoming album Let It Pretend released on October 2nd.

“Cataract” is the lead single from the titular 5 track EP. It is ferocious post-punk electro-pop that sounds like Blondie through a scratched, 1970’s CRT television with the contrast turned way up. Allyson Baker’s sublime delivery echoes that of James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem; cool, detached but highly energised. The accompanying video demonstrates a quirky humour, directed as it is by Derrick Beckles, creator of Adult Swim’s Totally For Teens, Hot Package, The Hopes, TV CARNAGE and writer for Eric Andre and WHY?

“Witch Hunt” and “Quicksand Castle” continue in this vein. Warm analogue synths, sharp chords and tribal drums. They echo Ladyhawke, Devo and Baker’s main influence, Chrome.

The Tobacco remix of “Cataract” is a highlight. All detuned and deep synths with a wonderfully re-worked fat Moog bassline.  The other remix, from their first album Metal Moon, “Ropes That Way (Mikey Young Remix)”, concludes what is a superb EP of melodic synth-punk-pop.

Dirty Ghosts conjure images of a dark walled, underground club on the outskirts of a dystopian ruinscape. Jarring guitar riffs, menacing bass, valve driven synths, pulsing drums and Allyson’s vocal delivery weave a sci-fi landscape, all whirring drones and neon rain. Expect to hear these sounds bouncing off the walls of your local must-go alternative club and challenge yourself not to dance. Go on….I dare you.


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Let It Pretend is out October 2nd.



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