Dessa: Parts of Speech, Re-Edited

On Tuesday, June 17, Dessa will release Parts Of Speech, Re-Edited, an 8-song companion remix EP to last year’s full-length. The remix EP drops from Doomtree Records and features new takes on old classics from acts like Cecil Otter, The Hood Internet, Budo, Youngblood Brass Band, Dustin Kiel, Grant Cutler, The Year of the Horse, and Lazerbeak & Ryan Olson. According to Dessa, “All hyperbole aside – I think it’s amazing.”

Parts of Speech, Re-Edited will be available exclusively through iTunes – that’s digital only – for $4.99, and according to Lazerbeak, “That’s 8 songs for less than a Number 1 Meal at McDonald’s.”  Pre-order Parts of Speech, Re-Edited here.

Starting on Tuesday, June 10, Doomtree began releasing (via YouTube) one track from the EP each day at noon until its proper release on June 17. This is The Hood Internet Remix of “Fighting Fish”:

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