Derek Bishop is Bicycling in Quicksand

Derek Bishop

Spring blooms onward with flowers, sunshine and Mr. Derek Bishop.

This music man released Bicycling in Quicksand to the elated masses in early April 2015 and we’ve found ourselves bopping to the beat ever since. When I speak with his fans and take in the cheering masses it is clear that his elated tunes do exactly that for his listeners — make them incredibly happy!

A masterful lyricist Derek delivers super wordy fabulous pieces melded with his custom sound. As you know I enjoy the sexy wordy types in leather pants, so Derek fits the bill with Bicycling… His funky, pop-synth dance notes mixed with thoughtful old school tape reel feels throw down mucho grande with his top tracks being “Baggage”, “Shutting Down” and “Automatic”.

I was driving my car when I first heard his first single, “Baggage”. I screamed with glee when I recited over and over, “I thought that time would lobotomize what I held dear. ” Screaming with joy and screaming over poetic delight. This song is simply superb and spot on with how people feel about the memories we carry in which we wish to lobotomize dearly.

Derek has enriched himself in the Arts for his entire life, an art director and photographer to name a few of his other talents. Featured numerous times in OUT Magazine and many other fabulous receptacles, I’ve talked with him on my radio show from his first album, Resistance is Beautiful and I am glad to continue our connection today. With Bicycling…, Derek brings us 10 new songs which will keep your pop heart rocking until dawn.

Hold tight for my interview with Derek in Fourculture 18 as we unearth the thoughts of an underground musician who is peering out above ground like the daisies this spring.

Grab Bicycling in Quicksand on iTunes or Bandcamp! While I could share with you Derek’s amazing super-funky video for Baggage I’d much rather share this acoustic version as if this doesn’t make you adore the man, I don’t know what your problem is.

Derek Bishop on the web:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | iTunes

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