Dear Strange drops debut album: Lonely Heroes

photo by Alexa Vachon
photo by Alexa Vachon

The French-German electronic/new wave duo, Dear Strange drop their debut album today. Featuring the powerful and haunting vocals of Dorian E. over the electro-synth of sound wizard and French-house producer Romain Frequency (aka, Electrosexual), Lonely Heroes is a remarkable and skillful mix of retro feels and crisp, modern production.

Lonely Heroes fully embraces the darkly tinged melodic electro-sounds of the 80’s while remaining fully immersed in the present. By using an impressive array of vintage synths, the duo create a unique post-modern futuristic soundscape with an element of unpredictability. Drawing on the surrealism and the dysfunctions of everyday life, the tracks chosen for the album were inspired by relationships, and the way pain and love make us feel, act, and think.

The first track on Lonely Heroes, “The Unicorn,” opens with electronic elements that sound like they were taken straight from the original Star Wars films – then slides beautifully into a dark, moody, and luscious retro vibe. From the electro-dance sound of title track, “Lonely Heroes,” to the German-language tune “Licht” – a crisp fusion of pop, new wave and modern club sounds – Dear Strange manages to impress and captivate on this impressive debut disc with substantial depth. “I Can See Through” is a particularly awesome track with its dark atmospheric vibe, catchy chorus, and delectable cool. Like “Unicorn,” the breezy, moody, and catchy track, “A Handful of Nothing” shows off Dorian E.’s softer, higher vocal range, while “Hysteria” delivers delicious dance beats wrapped in a mix of retro club and futuristic sound.

On Lonely Heroes, Dear Strange delivers music that manages to capture and pay tribute to the retro sound and vibe of vintage electronica while delivering a post-modern, new wave soundscape for the future.  The album is available today on sexy translucent blue vinyl and cd or digital download. As the band plans to tour extensively in support of the album, be sure to follow Dear Strange at the social media links below to stay in the know.

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(photo credit: Alexa Vachon)

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