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COVER_ART_PNGWhen my editor told me a new Deadmau5 was dropping and asked me would I like to check it out, I was a bit trepidatious. I am, what I would consider a casual EDM listener. But then it was Deadmau5 and he has always put out music that I would consider slightly to the left of the mainstream EDM playlist, so I bravely took it on. There was no advanced copies to be had, so I waited and this past Tuesday went into iTunes and purchased my copy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I figured here’s hoping. Well kids, I haven’t stopped listening to this amazing, magical, ethereal piece of electronic bliss for 3 days.

To begin, there are 27 songs on while(1<2) which is a double album. “while(1<2) parts 1 & 2” are each over an hour long. As the tracks played, I kept waiting for the signature big beats and drops, but what I heard instead were masterful manipulations of beats flawlessly intertwined with beautiful electronica.

Having been a listener of his music in the past I was blown away last March when he came in and saved the show at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Avicii, who was scheduled to perform, was hospitalized and Deadmau5 stepped in and just killed the people. I think honestly seeing him work live was when I had to really give props to his musicianship. His flow is righteous. I digress.

The top 3 favorite tracks from while(1<2) for me are “Terrors in my Head”, “Errors in my Bed” which has a gritty Filteresque vibe to it and “Somewhere up Here”.  Honorable mention must be paid to “Seeya” featuring Colleen D’Agastino as well as “My Pet Coelacanth”. “Seeya” has all the makings for a kick ass summer single and I’m not sure if I liked “My Pet” because of the crazy underbeat or the fact that the word fuck is featured.

I’ve heard the rap on EDM, just mindless beats and a drop and for the most part I would agree. This is why I stand and applaud this album. It takes it in another direction, familiar trademark sounds done in an unfamiliar way. while(1<2) should open up the genre to a new audience. It is a stunning piece of music, and being the super critical music lover that I am you can trust me when I tell you to open your third eye(tunes) and dig on this tasty bit of heaven.

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