Danniel Oickle release rarities on B-Side Myself

Fourculture followers will know the name of Danniel Oickle, Canadian creator extraordinaire, but rarely have we gotten to see him exactly like this. Baring his soul to his listeners through music, art, and performance, Danniel is no stranger to letting his listeners peek behind the curtain over his twenty-year career.  The new album B-Side Myself does more than present a peek.  This album is an artist unzipping his chest and letting us examine the most minute beatings of the heart within.

B-Side Myself features not only callbacks to his past work and inspiration but 3 new songs. This album proves Danniel as an artist constantly in motion and flux, challenging himself to forge new paths while simultaneously returning to the way it used to be, real artists creating for the sake of creation.

From the beautiful and uplifting “Start of a New Day” to the parody-like “Christmas in July”, this album makes no apologies and takes no prisoners.  Every listener will find something to relate to; a painful time, a hurtful person, hope, and humor.  It’s like sitting on the floor of Danniel’s living room, sipping a glass of wine, and having one of “those” talks.  You know, the ones that get really deep about love and loss and all those things that you only discuss with the rare few who understand you.  It’s close and comfortable, cozy and intimate.  Yet, somehow, it pushes you to look at things differently and, perhaps, you learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.  After all, that’s art.

B-Side Myself is available for pre-order today via Apple Music with a release date of November 20th.


Photography by Bonnie Findley

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