Countdown to Record Store Day: Part 2

record store dayContinuing our series for Record Store Day where several of our writers discuss their four picks from all the releases on offer on Saturday 18 April.

Marguerite O’Connell
 is picking today with selections from the US list – full list available here

For other international lists please go to


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“When asked to list the four items I most covet on the list of Record Store Day 2015 (RSD) special releases, I should have known it would be neither quick nor easy to do so. I mean, how does anyone choose only four from a list containing so many auditory delights? And how do I take a visceral reaction – a lust-filled, grabby-hands, emotion based attraction – and make it sound like rational, knowledgeable and (please, lord) dignified decision-making?

And of course, the first draft of my “Top 4” included more like eleven (11) “absolutely must-have” items, many included based solely on an initial, “OMG! I WANT IT!” reaction to the RSD list. But after really looking at each offering and maybe shedding a few tears, I finally managed to pare down my list to just (almost) four:

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Flashback, (2LPs on Blue Vinyl)
This RSD exclusive release is the first time this album is available on vinyl and includes a CD with bonus enhanced footage. I really want this one. I absolutely love the rock music of the 70’s and early 80’s. There’s just something about the era that I can’t resist, especially the strong women artists and bad-ass, rocker chicks who emerged then – like Joan Jett.  Add into that one of my favorite memories is of driving across West Texas with my three boys, on our way home from Colorado at the end of a summer trip. The sun was just rising as we got on the road and I put on my classic rock playlist to help keep myself alert. When “I Love Rock’n’Roll” came on the boys and I spontaneously started jamming on air guitars and drums, even passing off the “mic” as we all sang along. When the song ended my oldest, who was maybe 9 or 10 years old at the time, looked at me with a big smile and said, “Man, she is crazy!” What followed was a great conversation about electric guitars, leather jumpsuits, Rock’n’Roll, and having the courage to be yourself and follow your dreams. It was an awesome moment.  And so yeah, I kind of love Joan Jett.


Cassandra Wilson/Billie Holiday – “You Go To My Head” / “The Mood That I’m In” (on 10″ Vinyl)
Another RSD exclusive release, this has two amazing artists each singing two amazing songs. On Side A, Cassandra Wilson interprets “You Go To My Head” and “The Mood That I’m In.” And on Side B are Billie Holiday’s originals.  Oh yes please, I would love to have this one.


The Doors – Strange Days, LP
I kind of want this one bad. I didn’t even know I had to have this until I saw it among the offerings. The thing is, I’ve always loved The Doors. It’s that voice. To me, Jim Morrison’s voice is Rock’n’Roll, smoky bars, festival fields, and sex. And I have no idea when or why I first fell for this band and his voice. It just seems like I’ve always had a thing for them. So owning this LP on vinyl would be something special – it was cut from the original masters by Doors producer, Bruce Botnick, and is the first vinyl reissue since 1967 – and I would treasure it.


Courtney BarnettKim’s Caravan
Courtney Barnett RSDThis 12″ vinyl, with a cover of John Cale’s “Close Watch” and a new single, is an RSD exclusive. As I am a big fan of this up and coming Aussie, as well as John Cale, this RSD offering has me salivating.

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