Comasoft: Ropes On Fire

Chicago electro-pop rockers Comasoft are releasing their first recorded compilation in three years.  Ropes On Fire is their fifth studio outing.  In a town that boasts many big names in music, there are just as many who have exceptional talent and deserve as much recognition residing under the radar.  The wonderful thing about the Chicago spirit is that these artists have the drive to keep making great music and Comasoft is one of those bands.

Ropes On Fire is a combination of new pop dance tracks along with acoustic reprisals of songs from previous EPs and one from this record.  While tracks like opening single, “West Town” and “Bang” are signature Coma’ and showcase the signature style that, founder, Jay Ramirez has been honing for years, the stripped down versions of “All I Wanted” from Beautiful Departure and “Lights Out” from Burn To Shine along with the acoustic version of “Waiting In Vain” from this disc add to the spectrum of this groups abilities.  Another special treat on this EP is the guest vocals by Anthony Bagnara from Makeshift Prodigy on “West Town”.   Producer Chuck Macak at Electrowerks once again adds his polish to all the recordings.

Comasoft deserves high marks for pure guts with this album.  They have challenged themselves and succeeded in meeting their sonic goals.  It earns four Chicago deep-dishes from this reviewer.

Listen to the entire EP here and then. The album will be available for purchase on Tuesday, May 20 on iTunes.

Keep up with all the latest information on Comasoft at:  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Tumblr

Kathy Creighton 

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