Christian Women and Metal Muses

Nothing’s a better combination than a seamless marriage of tough Doom Metal aesthetics and the candy-sweet vocal prowess of a folk cherub.

Nicole Dollanganger has been testing out the waters as of late, just off the road from a winter tour with Grimes and now with a brand new website she just graced her Soundcloud and Bandcamp fans with this treat of a cover, Type O Negative’s “Christian Woman”, recorded with Matt Tomasi.

After gracing us with her latest sampling of the delicate and demented, the album Natural Born Losers in October, Nicole has been uploading a few fun covers of metal songs, and this one is the clear favorite for me. Something about her innocent timbre replacing Peter Steele’s grim dirge vocals just makes magic happen. Needless to say, whatever Nicole throws in her witches’ brew demands attention and endless plays on repeat.

Nicole Dollanganger on the web:
Soundcloud .  BandCamp . Twitter . Official Site

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