Charlie Demos is Back from the Dead

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Charlie Demos is a one of a kind act who has crossed into several genres throughout his musical career.  With a background in jazz voice and composition, this singer, songwriter and producer has a unique, powerful sound and is always evolving as an artist.   His new album Back From The Dead captures that evolutionary process perfectly.  Mister Demos is figuratively back from the dead with his first full-length album since 2010’s Screaming Underground. This release is a soulful live album recorded over two sessions, with Charlie’s rich and sometimes haunting vocals dancing over beautiful piano. Demos is someone who avoids all conformity and stays true to his origins. Simply put, Back From The Dead is his heart on a platter. These nine tracks are authentic and raw and come straight from his core. Give it a listen.

Back From The Dead was self-produced and engineered by Charlie’s mentor Tony Conniff who is a musician, songwriter, composer and producer in New York City. It’s currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital vendors.  

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Charlie Demos on the web:
  |  Twitter |  YouTube

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Photography by Walter Wlodarczyk

Derek O’Neal

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