Carved Lies’ new album is an eclectic, dark mix of grunge, electronica, industrial and good old rock and roll. PAREIDOLIA is not for the faint of heart. According to Carved Lies, this is a concept record that needs to be listened to from beginning to end to follow its storyline. From “The Grip” to “Pieces of Blood” the musical story is a sonic rollercoaster from mind melting darkwave electronica to a teeth-grinding mix of grunge and industrial to soulful mourning guitar riffs. Sometimes the story is told in repetitive phrases, sometimes in spoken word over melody and others in a descriptive, sung narrative. The listener is motivated to listen to each song if by nothing else, curiosity to learn what surprises the next chapter holds. The final track brings the ride to a slow, calming stop in a quiet, foggy place and the passengers’ breathing returns to normal.

This duo is either tuned into the same muses or have at least figured out how to successfully mesh each of their individual musical spirit guides. Just about every rock genre of the last 30 years is scattered in these nine tracks in ways that surprise by how well they work together. The result? An album that speaks to many different ears which, in turn, should produce a significant number of purchases. Anyone looking for something that will challenge their sound palette, wants something fearless and extraordinary should definitely check this record out.

PAREIDOLIA is due to be released on March 28.

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Carved Lies on the web:  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Bandcamp

Kathy Creighton


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