Carved Lies “Grips” You

Fourculture favorites, Carved Lies, have you in their clutches with their new single “The Grip.”  Released around the world today, “The Grip” takes Carved Lies further than they’ve gone before.  While remaining true to their sound, Carved Lies is maturing in the best of ways with tight hooks and those inevitably haunting vocals.  These guys just keep getting better and as the first line of the song says, “There is no escape,” but with music like this, who would want to?

The single comes with a video from the painted ones as they take you on a journey into insanity.  This should teach you not to play with Ouija boards, children.  The video, released on Halloween, was fitting for the day as murder and haunting is on the menu in this chiller.  Carved Lies delivers exactly what you want in a video to go with the song.

Will you escape “The Grip”? We don’t think so.  Check it out and get it today on iTunes and Amazon.

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Carved Lies on the web:


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