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Carnival Star is an interesting concept. Anybody who has listened to their previous recordings will tell you that. And now out of pure entertainment (I quote) The Era Sessions is here with an alternative take on some songs you will be very familiar with.

First on the E.P. is “Union City Blue”, the Blondie number. Staying very close to the original it does have heavy gothic guitars with Allegra Lusini providing vocals Debbie Harry herself would be happy to listen to. Second up is Rose Of Avalanche’s “Velveteen”. With ProducerMark on vocals, this version does the original a lot of justice with its slow tempo and Gary Numan-esque feel to it. Halfway into the E.P. we find the Sisters of Mercy’s “Walk Away”. Anyone who has listened to Carnival Star knows that Wayne Hussey has been very influential on the sound so it was only right that this track had to appear on here.  With Liquid Grey taking up vocal duties, it fits right into place. The Cure’s “The Drowning Man” is the fourth track featuring The Secret Post‘s Zachariah Wiser on vocals and it’s superb. The way these songs stay true to the original is perfect and Wiser doesn’t half sound like early Robert Smith too. The fifth song is The Smith’s “What Difference Does It Make” and this one does grab you with Captain T of The Sovran doing Morrissey’s singing duties giving this version a slight punk element to it. The E.P. comes to a close with a bonus track, the UCB Cruel Brit remix of “Union City Blue”. Most cover efforts can tailspin wildly but Carnival Star’s The Era Sessions scores with a direct hit with each track. This one’s a very welcome addition to anyone’s music collection.

The Era Sessions is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Carnival Star on the web:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud  |  Bandcamp 

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