Canada’s storybook: Meet C.C. Trubiak

CC-Trubiak-Tiny-Army-The-D-Holmes-SessionsWhen I use the term “artist” I try to use it sparingly. Art is a term in which defines multiple mediums. A person who paints is a painter, a person who writes is a writer, and a person who makes music is a musician. The term artist is one that encompasses a person who does it all. Through a connection I have made through writing for fourculture I was introduced to C.C. Trubiak from Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. C.C. Trubiak, photographer, writer, and musician is an artist in every sense of the word.

What really touched me about C.C. is his view on the arts. He firmly believes in the healing power of the arts; his songs are poignant explorations of deeply felt insights that always reveal a spark of hope, optimism and courage. His latest album Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions is no exception.

The folk meets country album is an open book of the emotions that C.C. Trubiak has experienced in his life to allow the listener to learn him. It’s with every track you see a new sequence of his life unfold like a romantic love story.

As an open disclaimer, I am not the biggest fan of country or folk. Personally, I find most of the genre quite dreadful as the typical country subject matter brings a lot of negative emotion to the surface. For Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions my generalized opinion was proven wrong. I have felt something that I have never felt before ever listening to the album. I felt positivity. For that, I thank you C.C. Trubiak for proving there can be hope and happiness in the folk/country genre. Okay, onwards.

One of the best examples of the “prairie boy’s love story” is the song “Meant for me.” During the track you feel his heartbreak with the story of a broken relationship. This is a story that many of us have experienced lover who won’t take the time to understand one another. In the end you know that you lost the best thing you ever had. With the mandolin and slide guitar in the background with a very slow and melancholy tone, I find myself wanting to bring a box of tissues nearby as it enhances that sadness. With every track, CC has this power in his writing that brings a deep emotion to the forefront.

“Maggie Brown Eyes” is a song that brings happiness and positivity. A simple banjo and drum brings C.C. Trubiak’s visions of “a peaceful paradise” and becoming one with his love in their dreams one more time is purely cinematic. The lyrics “Just picture me combing your hair” brings the love in focus while bringing a sense of never forgetting the good times.

C.C. Trubiak’s music and photography shows that he isn’t just the story teller. He is the book itself. Using his own experience as a guide, CC is able to show us where we all must look for hope in our lives. For an artist to use his craft as a positive outlet of healing in the world is a technique we all could learn from. C.C. Trubiak is using that talent for good and I for one am happy he has shared it with the world.

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