Calm Your Soul at the Shores of the Glass Lake

In a pop culture society driven by commercialism, lyricists and musicians have become a plethora of visual stimulation when pertaining to their videos.  Too often, musicians sell themselves short, cutting the creative process and allowing the movement of the moment to influence their technique, rendering them victims to society and their own talent.  When sound and visual become too much, allow yourself to retreat to the shore of the glass lake.

Alice and the Glass Lake, in their video for the song, “Coming Down,” pull away from the commercialist drive and take us on a journey of respite into the sounds and visions of nature — where the imagery of geometric shapes enhances the pure vision placed before you, the water washes the mind clean, just as the rain falls.  Purity is too often lost in our culture, and when found, is refreshing as it is iconic.

Vocalist Alice Lake has a truth to her voice, and it’s hard not to be instantly hypnotized or drawn into a sort of meditation.  Add to that voice tremendous physical beauty, not only of the artist, but the scenery of the video, and you find yourself immersed in wonder.  Drawing minimally on any sort of exuberance, the song and video allow you to see the showcasing of the wonder that is Mother Nature.

Do yourself a huge favor.  Take a much needed trip outside the norm, and visit Alice at the Glassy Lake.  Check out our feature on Alice and the Glass Lake in our latest issue. 

Alice and the Glass Lake on the web:

— Aaron Wallace | @Aaronforever87 

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