Breaking News: Check out Jeremy Neale’s new single

Extra! EXTRA! Read all about it! New hot pop out of Brisbane, Australia has grabbed our attention! Let us tell you the news. Okay, we’re not newscasters here at Fourculture but we know a little bit about catchy pop. The latest from Jeremy Neale called “The News” is one catchy tune.

As soon as I turned on “The News” I was transported to 1981. A year I wasn’t even alive! I felt like a modern day Rick Springfield was playing in my office. It is clear that Jeremy was inspired by the great tracks out of the 1980s and doesn’t want to be placed in a box with today’s top 40.

The song starts off with a very classic synth and hits you right in the face with a muted guitar. The thing that really gives it that 80s edge that no one else who is inspired by the 80s is doing right now is the vocals. On the chorus there is a staccato harmony with Roxanne LeBrasse that really gives the song that earworm quality. Yeah, it’s another love song but what wasn’t great about 80s love songs? Please, don’t answer that question. With the constant repeat of the line “every minute, every day I live for you” it hits you just the right way that the song doesn’t become overly mushy. If you’re a fan of 80s dance music, you’re in luck. The catchy drum beat of the song will have you grabbing aqua net for a night on the town! It’s radical!

The time warp that Jeremy Neale has accomplished is one that for people like me, who didn’t get to experience the 1980s are grateful to have. It shows a real homage to the 1980s without being a carbon copy thirty years later. If Jeremy Neale decides to go further in the 80’s I might question if those sweet Nikes that Marty McFly had come with the next single.

Jeremy Neale on the Web: | Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube | iTunes

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