Black Cracker Brings Us a Multimedia Experience

Our favourite beat maker, poet and Berlin transplant, Black Cracker, is releasing a new album: Come As U R. Each track has its own video made in collaboration with architect and 3D artist Camille Lacadée. Revealing a strange industrial universe filled with 3D landscapes, Cracker’s new multi-media work blends abstract RnB with Jersey club sounds and imagery.

With The Sun is in my Face, we watch a video in the video, in the video, a double mise en abyme that puts the story in double perspective; inviting the viewer to shift focus between the different frames of this slow atmospheric piece dripping dark beats, adding yet another layer with his words below.

More Black Cracker on our collaborators’ publications Local Suicide and Kaltblut Magazine.

romance artificial, rays of florescent

there is no sun here

no skin
just clicks and status

no hype, more healing and caress
a gentle isolation
a virtual seduction
no filter

drama, agony and triumph over tea leaf
honey and creme

hands up don’t shoot
misogyny in question again and again

don’t call this hip hop
don’t call me rapper

where once stood to broaden
now broken and have had, enough (has been)

this electronic crooning, no coon
this me no longer dancing 4 u

not watching me nae nah, gal
know more, watch yourself drool, jungle

eyes wide offensive
ice cold, not afraid no mo, so sensitive

always will be, simple as
come with, me

come as, holy
don’t leave, hold me

i am, what is, dumb down
among other things

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