Black Clover: We Used to Have a Band

coverIt’s a world gone mad, in a time of political strife, economic chaos, and instant self-gratification.  Out of the mists, three men approach.  Sam Hayward, a Native American interpeter, Eddie Generazio, a college student and author, with a recent history of moonlighting as a nude acrobat in a male strip club, and Corey Bartos, who found his way out of a mental institution.

Truly, this is a story that a crazy Hollywood casting director with little or no sleep could only dream up: three best friends teaming up against the world; and yet, it is exactly the story of the band, Black Clover.  A smorgasbord of life experiences culminated last year to create an equally diverse array of music and sound with the launch of their album We Used to Have a Band, released just before Christmas by Flying Robert Records.

It doesn’t take long to realize that these songs are not going to be played at Westboro  Baptist church any time soon, unless as a protest against them.  With lyrics about missing medications, the direction of a swaying penis, and pirates contracting STI’s, only the coolest of grandmothers would rock out to the amazingly controversial vibe.  With vocals which emanate beavers, possible howling monkeys, and excitement over fondue, it’s impossible to overstate the creativity that went into this record.  Definitely not monotone, from a band that describes itself as “Experimental”, We Used To Have a Band will get a reaction out of every listening ear.

The group invites you on a sordid story of their lives with this album, and laughs with you as you enjoy tales of their personal history.  As refreshing and funny as the band is talented, Black Clover’s We Used To Have a Band will keep your finger pushing the repeat button for hours, swaying your anatomy to the beat.

We Used To Have a Band is available on Amazon

 Black Clover on the web:   Facebook   |   Soundcloud

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