Beauty From the Other Side: ArtClassSink

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From Oxford, UK, this band classifies itself as indie/shoegaze/atmospheric and ArtClassSink seems to fit all pretty well.  They launched their latest EP, ILLA, at the end of November 2013.

This record is best listened to over a bottle of red wine and about half a joint.  It is old-school shoegaze and reeks of Robert Smith, Johnny Marr and Mat Devine in the best ways possible.  These tracks are creepy, dark and full of day-to-day miseries.  This is not a “feel-good” record but that’s not a bad thing. It has slinky guitar riffs, haunting vocals and the perfect combination of echo effects and reverb.  In every song, ArtClassSink has followed its heart. The band’s name is derived from what is left in the sink at the end of class and watching it wash down the drain.  The EP embodies it all – bits of gray clay, all the paint colors swirling together, wheat paste.  It’s not necessarily beautiful in the popular sense.  This a beauty from the other side.  This is not risk-taking but being true to oneself and their art.  Although not totally unique, ILLA does have its own personality.  It’s not a knock-off of The Cure or Kill Hannah and it’s also something that hasn’t been around for a few years so it’s refreshing to revisit it.

ArtClassSink teased on their Facebook a new song titled “death bed” but it’s not currently available on their SoundCloud.  They are preparing for a live show at O2 Academy Oxford on March 22nd.

ILLA is available for purchase on iTunes and in the Amazon MP3 store.

ArtClassSink on the web:  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  MySpace  |  Soundcloud | Reverbnation  |  YouTube

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