Be Not Afraid… It’s Peur

Photo by  Wes Calderbank/Wesley James Media
Photo by Wes Calderbank/Wesley James Media

It’s almost the end of July and my thoughts are already wandering towards fall — back to school, changing leaves, cooler weather and ROCK! The season of Rock is about to be upon us and as it peeks its flowering head out from the fields of electro-pop-craziness, I look forward to the harvest of a new album from Peur.

They come to us from Manchester and although they only came together at the start of 2013, the music has a maturity and tightness that I don’t hear from bands that have been around much longer. The release of the new single “This Will Destroy You” along with its video blew my mind. With hard, crunchy crazy guitar riffs, this song demands you take notice from the first unexpected note. The break is so tight and hard core that I would put it in the realm of Korn’s “Freak” – it’s subversive and makes you wanna do nasty things.

Their first EP We Can Build Astronauts is available for a FREE DOWNLOAD and it is absolutely worth the cloud space. Think of it as an appetizer. There is an entire generation in need of shaking and Peur could be the band to do that. I hope that once the album drops we see them on SNL or Fallon along with a tour here in the States.

Peur is coming and let’s hope you hear it here first! Stay tuned to our interview with the band in our next issue.

Peur on the web:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube

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