Attasalina Releases “Heart of the Beast”

Attasalina has released her first solo single, “Heart of the Beast” on Bandcamp this week.  Attasalina is no stranger to FourCulture readers.  Issue 10 included an interview with her for Seraphim Rising.

AttasalinaAttasalina takes her voice, that is somewhere between Annie Lenox and Ann Wilson, to that just right place to create this song.  Haunting, interspective lyrics that tell the story of dealing with one’s darkside require smooth, lower register vocals as part of the arrangement to make it all believable and relatable.  The artist’s PR tries to describe her genre as something “post-punk, post alternative” but let’s get real…what is any of this “post whatever”?  Have we run out of genres?  Actually, yes we have but not out of the necessity of ever having to name them. “Heart of the Beast” is alternative rock.  If other labels are necessary, step back a few years and it’s probably a little psychedelic with a pinch of shoegaze and a dash of prog.  Weird?  Yes, but in a good way.  The track is definitely for those with a more eclectic taste in sound and words.  This is a track that is for the smokey, coffee house crowd…beat poetry with a spacey, electronica soundtrack.  To be truly appreciated it requires a bit of intellect, something that is needed these days as it is decidedly lacking in mainstream music.

“Heart of the Beast”  is available on Bandcamp.  It includes Mario Calire on drums, Darwin Meiners on bass, guitar, and synth,  and Derek Owen Doss  on guitars.  The track is produced by Darwin Meiners and Attasalina.

To learn more about Attasalina visit:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  Soundcloud

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