Aniaetleprogrammeur: TFEOTS REMIXED

Aniaetleprogrammeur’s sophomore album, The Friendly Expectations of the Stars, was an amazing experimental soundscape enhanced with noise and distortion against melodic piano, guitars, layered beats and synthesizers. Abrasive and spooky at times with sound and vocals alike, The Friendly Expectations of the Stars offered a unique style of electro that was melded with elements of several genres . . . and now it’s been remixed. TFEOTS REMIXES features 13 dynamic tracks remastered by the likes of electro pop’s aMinus, “electro sex” musician and composer Electrosexual, the post-punk electro-zouk La Chatte, the charmingly eccentric Noblesse Oblige and more.

TFEOTS REMIXED is available now as a FREE DOWNLOAD.  How can you resist?

Check out our interview with Aniaetleprogrammeur from Fourculture’s issue 9.

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Aniaetleprogrammeur on the web:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud

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