Angelo’s Words and Stones Won’t Break Your Bones

December 3 has brought the latest from pop-poet and electro-dance maestro Angelo entitled Words & Stones.

The San Diego born, third generation musician, Angelo is showing that the music flows through his veins. After abandoning instruments at a young age, he decided to go for what is clearly the right move by exploring his own vocal talent. He was trained by his mother (a world class Contralto) and stepped into the shoes of his grandfather (who worked with Jazz greats Nat King Cole, The Dorsey Brothers and Johnny Mercer).  Each influence clearly reflects in all of his music. Words & Stones is clearly the most soulful, synthtastic, disco EP you can get your hands on this season.

The EP has 4 different remixed versions of the lead single “Bring Me Down,” one for every mood you could say. The vocals that Angelo delivers are some that can’t compare to anything out there right now.  He brings a heavy emotion in the chorus along with a constant reminder of not allowing a negative person get to him, “You can’t bring me down, ain’t no way no how. You’ll miss me some day, you just lost me babe.” The track “Bring Me Down” won’t bring you down at all. That club beat will get you up on the floor.  When it comes down to it, many of the tracks on Words & Stones could be relatable.

Let’s take the track that I can’t seem to stop playing off the EP; the collaboration between former label mates and good friends Angelo and Raff called “Last Man Standing.”  The song itself is one that many artists who have passed through the Fourculture realm can relate to by exploring the difficulties and frustration of surviving as an independent artist.  I’m always a little partial to a song with an uplifting message. The great disco strings are just an added bonus! This is one song which has a meaning that could transfer not only to the indie artist world but to life itself.

Angelo has really delivered a high energy EP that is a must have for any electropop or even disco lover of the world. With every song delivering an uplifting beat and no lick of sorrow in his voice, he’s putting a smile on the face of everyone who listens to his music. Sticks and stones might just break our bones but Angelo’s words will have a true effect on you.

Words & Stones is available on iTunes.

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Angelo on the web:

— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB


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