An insignificant essay on what anyone has to say

Say what you will—and I know you will say it—but ultimately, I am a soul with nothing to say. Some would say—and I know they will say it—that a soul with nothing to say could never be a writer, since writers always have something to say, per se.

However and forever, this is not true in my case; at least that is what I say.

In order to have “something” to say, a person saying something they feel they must say, needs a conviction for that which he or she has to say. There must be little to no doubt where the person who says it stands on what it is they have to say; there must be a certainty that has been demonstrated to them through personal experiences. Like most people, I have had many personal experiences, and most of them have been mine, but none of them have driven me to any convictions because none of them survive my scrutiny.

So, I wonder if anyone claiming to have something to say actually believes that the something to say will impress anyone? Aside from the fact that no one can justify whatever it is they have to say as influential or, for that matter, important, I have a sneaking suspicion that none of it matters; not to the person who has something to say nor to anyone on the other end of the message.

Each and every thing I may seem to say as a writer is perforated with doubt. I wonder this and I wonder that …

Now you wonder.

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