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From his solar-powered “Green Machine” to your senses; Maarten Schuit, known to the world as Turtuga Blanku, has released a new single and video entitled “I See Stars.” For this tune, Turtuga Blanku has completely hit the mark. The haunting melody fits perfectly with the lyrical style of the song creating more than a simple song, but an emotion. The video was filmed in New York City, which only makes it even more meaningful and brrrrr…does it look chilly compared to the Carribean weather that Turtuga Blanku is used to. As always, the project was completed using “The Green Machine,” a studio that is completely run off of solar power, making the sounds of Turtuga Blanku not only ear-friendly, but earth-friendly as well.

Check out the new video “I See Stars” and get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the song that Maarten has provided for Fourculture fans!

To enjoy more of the music of Turtuga Blanku and learn more about “turning sunshine into music” with the Green Machine studio, please visit

To get your FREE download, click “download” in the above player or click here

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