Album Premiere: My Personal Murderer’s CAUCHEMAR

by Albina Yaloza
by Albina Yaloza

My Personal Murderer is an exciting alternative, post-punk, atmospheric rock trio with a shoegaze vibe out of Ukraine who are releasing their long-awaited third studio album, Cauchemar, today. Fourculture is excited to premiere this impressive, polished album as it perfectly showcases the band’s distinctive sound — a fusion of post-punk and melancholic rock.

My Personal Murderer was started as a studio project by Yevgen Chebotarenko (lead vocals, guitar) before it became a trio in 2013 with the addition of Yuriy Kononov on drums and Maxim (Max) Kovalchyk on bass. Cauchemar is the first album they wrote and recorded as a trio and it reflects their combined artistic vision and creative approach. It retains the harrowing intimacy of the band’s first two albums, but is infused with an unwavering collaborative spirit. And it continues the band’s exploration of the overwhelming struggles of life in a dystopian world, while offering glimpses of moments — even on the darkest paths — when we do not walk alone.

The lyrics of Cauchemar use odd, fragmented images to tell the story of man’s endless fascination with lust and obsession. The album opens with “Cauchemar,” a track that is more like spoken-word performance-art than a song; it is experimental, fascinating, and compelling. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the “lyrics” are delivered in a smooth, deep, and sexy voice or that the track closes with a rad instrumental jam. “The Worm Prince” has an upbeat rock vibe and great electric guitar work that belie and are contrary to the melancholy message of the lyrics. And “Constant Waiting” is one of my personal favorites on the album. It is a haunting, brooding track that includes abrupt musical phrasing, a soft, breathy vocal delivery, and an added element of electronica. Another favorite is “Soup For The Creature”— a track with  a sophisticated, retro-noir/James Bond vibe that I had to listen to more than once.

My Personal Murderer is a talented trio who only continue to hone their distinctive ambient sound with every release. You can listen to Cauchemar below and support the band at the links below.

My Personal Murderer on the web: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

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