A Girl Goes into the Woods: Lyn Lifshin

The written word has the power to invoke the richest of thoughts and feelings.  With the right stroke of a pen or a computer keyboard, a person can be taken on any number of adventures. I can relive your memories, or you can visit mine.  I can, for a moment, take a look through the eyes of a person I have never met before.  Such is the cause for obsession with literature throughout history.

Few possess the ability to take you completely out of your element, into a dimension altogether gone from yourself, and evoke a sense of belonging in their own.  Lyn Lifshin is one such artist.  Reading her works take you into a world separate from your own, into a life lived by someone else.

In her newest, and largest book of poetry to date, A Girl Goes into the Woods, Lifshin takes us on an adventure through the varying stages of her life.  Starting in her adolescence, and weaving a story of her life through adulthood, she shows realities of war, poverty, and utter despair, countered with love, joy, and hopeful expectation.  A victim of holocaust, a mother’s love for her daughter, a new adventure in a new nation, a new world; all tell pieces of the puzzle that make life the beautiful adventure it is.

A compelling and fascinating contemporary artist, whose early works were praised by Robert Frost, Lyn Lifshin’s work continues to inspire vision and passion, far beyond the scope of the ordinary mind.  Take your emotions on a journey.  Purchase a copy of this memorable collection today.

A Girl Goes into the Woods is available on Amazon. Visit Lyn’s website to learn more about her and her work.

Aaron Wallace

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