A big debut from Tiny Rhymes

tr2A Kinder History is the debut EP from indie/chamber folk group Tiny Rhymes who have members from Canada and Buffalo, NY.

It is hard not to be seduced by “Arrows”, the first track on the EP.  Immediately you are hooked with the sweet melodic plucks and bells over a rambling acoustic guitar, the type of backing you hear on a feelgood TV ad.

“Arrows” is a great introduction to what Tiny Rhymes are about, a sound created through subtlety and harmonies which builds up to sweeping strings, and a folkish fiddle.  The vocals are lovely but the refrain between verses is also a treat with added cello.

The remaining tracks continue in this vein. “Oh Amaranta!” is not as instant, a sprawling tale full of twists and turns, but its polished arrangement and accomplished musicianship suit the cutesy but confident vocal delivery.

“Gold mountain” is a more commercial, slower song with more emphasis on an ethereal, reverb-soaked vocal and EP finale “Home” has a narrative structure similar to some of Joanna Newsom’s work.

There is perhaps an over-reliance on ‘oh’s and ‘ooh’s in the vocal in each song but this allows the backing to shine and creates an identity for Tiny Rhymes for them (and us) to explore.  It is definitely a world you should check out.

A Kinder History is out now. (Bandcamp link)

Tiny Rhymes on the web:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud







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