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If you’ve read the latest issue of Fourculture you’ve noticed we have an in depth interview with the band’s own Paul Robb.  On September 23, you too can experience their awesome new album _hello world.  Inventive as Information Society has always been since the late 80s, _hello world blends the classic synth sound of yesteryear with a modern EDM twist. It’s been roughly 21 years since Kurt Larson, James Cassidy, and Paul Robb have consistently made music together. With the release of _hello world, that two decade wait is over.  Information Society has released eleven tracks of what could only be considered as pure aural pleasure.  There is a heavy pulse with every track and if you like it in your face, this album is for you.

Looking at a track like “The Prize” with its heavy bass engulfing the song, there is a perfect spot for them in today’s EDM/club market.  With a straight forward message on reaching the top: “I’m coming up from the ground with my eyes on the prize”, the track has a real feel good positive song and it’s what I would call an anthem for independent artists.  Who better than a band that has experienced it all to write about what it takes to reach the top?

Another track that really pulls a heavy backing is “Jonestown.” We had a chance to discuss this with Paul Robb in our interview in which he makes clear that the songs they produce are made to make you think. When I initially heard the song I was taken to what I recall from the Jonestown massacre as it does conjure up some very dark imagery. This one strays away from the modern EDM influence but keeps that classic sampling in play, sort of in a “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)” vibe.

After absorbing _hello world, it’s hard to believe that Information Society ever left the airwaves.  So _welcome back Information Society, you have one hell of an album on your hands.

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Information Society on the web
http://informationsociety.us/   |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  Soundcloud 

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