8 Graves deal in the dopest grooves on new EP War Out There

8 Graves 2 Photo by Dimitry Mak8 Graves drop their new EP War Out There today and boy is it a sweet and deep listen. Hailing from New York and consisting of Brent Carpentier and Nicholas Gonclaves, they produce warm, deep and alt-soul infused grooves. Being a fan of their previous EP Mixtape which was a beautiful, lush and melody-heavy record, I wasn’t disappointed with this latest release.

Opening track “Wolves” with its piano and syncopated beat led soul-pop is a strong start and seems destined for underground club culture. The addition of guitar gives the track real texture and Carpentier’ vocals are powerful and smooth, singing — ‘While the good good good die young, the strong are gonna survive’.

“Two Wrongs” is a gorgeous tune. Smooth soul, mellow piano countering the vocals wonderfully adding melodic dimension and depth. Carpentier is a skilled and passionate vocalist, expertly pitching his voice to meld with the super-rich production. Their message is clear and positive, that of the healing powers of true and enduring love.

Brent Carpentier says of Two Wrongs – ‘It’s all about people finding each other when they may be in a bad situation, whether it be because of what they are going through personally or what they are going through situation-ally and how loving each other can really kinda make things okay and make people feel a lot better, so it speaks to romantic love one hundred percent but I think it also speaks to everyday loving each other, loving just fellow humans and just trying to be generally kind.’

These guys know how to write a melody. Each song is infused with deft production and an understanding of space and nuance. “You Love Me” and “Home” are cut from the same introspective cloth of pure and heartfelt emotion.

EP closer “I Won’t Get In” is an altogether mellower and silkier affair being rooted in more traditional soul with gospel-tinged vocals and paired down 808 beats evoking an impassioned hymn.

Honourable mention must go to the sublime Mooij electro-funk driven remix of “Two Wrongs” which has chopped and glitched vocals and swirling blissed-out synth washes. It reminds me of some of Keenhouse’s deeper and more soulful cuts. Just head-spinningly beautiful.

Check these guys and treat yourself to some uplifting and hugely rewarding soul-groove. Songwriting is king on War Out There and they envelope you in swirling washes of heady emotion with each track having the power to move and inspire.

War Out There is out today.

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