Tim Muddiman and The Strange: “Rolling Stones”

Photo by Neil Shelby Long

Tim Muddiman and The Strange recently released their second single, “Rolling Stones,” and with it have guaranteed the continued attention of international blogs, buzzing fans, and worldwide radio play that began when debut track, “Wildwood Stone” dropped in May. A long-time member of Gary Numan’s band, Tim Muddiman is an established music producer and remixer, a respected session musician, and a member of the legendary alternative act, Pop Will Eat Itself. This is his first foray into the role of front man and he more than proves it’s where he belongs.

“Rolling Stones” is a moody, stylish and well-produced track that begins with a Middle Eastern sounding instrumental flourish before launching into a huge bass line, sleazy blues guitar and catchy grunge vocals. It is a “Gary Numan meets Depeche Mode” exploration of change and the kind of solitude that leaves you feeling “… done and gone alone, forever rolling stones.”

On this project Muddiman is firmly in control of his creative vision; he not only wrote “Rolling Stones,” but also co-directed the music video. Replete with strong imagery and rapid-fire editing, the photography and narrative are haunting and unpredictable — perfectly echoing the emotional texture and vibe of the track. With a full-length album already in the works, Tim Muddiman and The Strange have made it clear that they are planning to be a presence on the alt/indie music scene for some time to come. And fans of good music around the globe are much better for that fact.


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