Simonne Jones’ Gravity

Press 1I met Simonne Jones four years ago and like everybody else around I was intrigued by her multifaceted creativity and energy. We don’t often meet people that focused, driven and serious (serious as in Kierkegaard would explain it) but still open to the wonders of the world.  You can read previous interviews here and here.

Her debut EP, Gravity, reflects that wisdom mixed with genuine candor, and will be available in full on May 27.  From her two first electro-punkish tracks with mentor Peaches, or her love for classical music, to her interest in technology combined with how close she feels to nature, this release reflects how diverse Simonne’s personal and musical influences are.

I am usually not a fan of power pop, but as you can see and hear in her first official video, Jones’ music is genuine and comes from the heart, taking the genre to the next level.

Learn more about Simonne Jones on Instagram or Facebook and check out the video for “Gravity” below.

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