Mr Kito Returns Triumphant

10175953_241347916055528_4904926245928758049_nThe murky clouds of replicant bands parted, the fresh sonic rays shone down and he saw that it was good. Mr Kito has bestowed his newest album, The State of Presence, on the electro-pop weary masses. It is sophisticated, beautifully produced and it will blow open the doors to a much broader audience.

The thirteen songs on The State of Presence has been laid out for us with a smooth and clean flow. “Alexander the Great” opens the set, so catchy and fun. You’ll find yourself bopping immediately but after you listen a few times the words start to kick in. The title track “The State of Presence” as well as “An Un-Discovered Path” are my two favorites — crisp instrumentals dreamy and trance-like. It seems there is a lot of introspection to be had in the lyrics of this album.

For my interpretation, many of the songs have a repeating existential feel. In the same way that Kierkegaard felt that each individual is responsible for giving meaning to their life and living that life with passion and sincerity. Mr Kito, through his music, asks us to look inside, face fears, be accountable…have passion and live. You are drawn in by the music and set on a path of thought by the lyrics.

The State of Presence is a breathtaking, must own, unique work of art. It will be an album you will not grow weary of hearing. Mr Kito cuts through the noise and lets the sun shine in.

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