Europe, Endless… Christine and the Queens, Agnes Obel, AyOwA

The European Union has had a few blips lately.  But why focus on politics when there is so much good music coming from the continent?  Here are three reasons why we should all join hands, forget differences and embrace the wonders…


Christine and the Queens – Tilted

One of the highlights from the Glastonbury festival, French songer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier is currently all over the place and “Tilted” (originally released last year) is in the UK Top 20.  It’s visually and sonically hypnotising and it is also worth checking out the French language original.


Agnes Obel – Familiar 

If you own the two albums by Danish songstress, Agnes Obel you’ll be delighted that the traditional elements and arrangements remain in this comeback single, “Familiar” and it is as delicate and beautiful as ever.  However, her vocals are much more affected and this adds an extra dramatic dimension, especially in the chorus where pitch shifting her voice makes it sound like she is duetting with Anohni.  This is a sensational song.


AyOwA – Sommer

Dark, layered electronic textures compliment a rather abstract video from Danish duo, AyOwA.  A hazy, seductive first single with elements of Massive Attack and Cocteau Twins.  Can the sound of summer really be constructed from a Copenhagen basement studio?

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