Eriel Indigo teases new EP: Elevate

ERIEL INDIGO ASTRONAUTArriving like a neon-clad day-glo 21st Century Barberella, Eriel Indigo steps off the mothership with fully-formed glitter-noir pop songs that glisten with catchy melodies and disposable hooks.

LA-based galactic songstress Eriel Indigo has unveiled her new single “Rebels” along with the announcement of her debut EP Elevate. Making planet fall in November 2014, Eriel Indigo uses her cosmic pop to (in the words of her well-oiled PR machine) ‘promote well-being, productive rebellion, intentional evolution and healing of the communal consciousness.’ She emerges fully-realised to weave sonic contrails of glitter beats and shimmer synth melodies for our earthly consumption.

Latest single “Rebel” fizzes with catchy melodies and synthetic percussion. It’s all perky popcorn-popping beat programming and yo-yoing bass lines. Eriel’s voice is clean-cut and pure with overlays lending texture to the overall sound of precision-cut electronica.

Previous single “Electrify” is full of slow pulsing, woozy synths with Eriel’s elevated vocals swooping and gliding with sharp precision giving us an insight into what to expect on her Elevate EP.

Eriel says of her music: “I suppose my music and art inherited quite a bit from my upbringing. Sound healing and revolution are in my blood. I was raised in an environment of outlaws and I learned to question everything, all the while acknowledging our innate connection to each other, to all beings and all things.”

Whatever happens this should be fun.

Elevate is available in a galaxy near you on March 30th.

Eriel Indigo on the web:
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